Tri-T3 400 Scale

Description: 400G x0.01g
Weight in and specs:
Grams – 400g x 0.1g
Ounces – 14.10 x 0.005oz
DWT – 257.21 x 0.1 penny weight
OZT – 12.0 x 0.005 Troy Ounces
CT – 2000.0
GN – 6172.9
Easy to read large backlight display screen. Large easy to push soft buttons. Tough Non Slip Grip Cover – Ottor box style. Digital Auto- calibration (weight not included)
Removable cover double as large expansion tray. Stainless Steel plate.


Tri-T3 400 Scale



Brand: My Weigh. Two (2) AAA batteries included in package.

Additional information

Weight 10.2 oz


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