Super Lactose

Brand: Sunshine Valley

Sizes: 1 kilo, 16 oz, Smaller bottles sold in store

Directions: To be used as an excellent food that may be used in food mixtures, cooking and baking needs.


Super Lactose

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Lactose is a disaccharide and is the sugar naturally present in milk. The majority use of lactose is in milk-based chocolate confectionery. Lactose is also used as pharmaceutical drug filler/binders and infant formula. Lactose is used in certain dairy, dry mixes and flavorings. Lactose is used as flavor carriers or fillers. Lactose can be used in bakery goods for enhancing browning and reducing sweetness. Lactose may be used to partially replace skim milk powder in some baked products. Lactose is also commonly applied in dried vegetable process in order to reduce sweetness and prevent discoloration. Dried vegetable processed with 3% lactose had better appearance and color after rehydration.

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Weight 6.4 oz
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1 kilo, 16 oz


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