Silicone Hammer


Build in stash can
Comes with a dabber
The top can be easily removed for cleaning
Diffused downstem
Unbreakable and non-stick



Silicone Hammer Bubbler with Glass Bowl
This unbreakable, portable, silicone hammer bubbler is the perfect piece for parties, festivals or just to carry along with you on the go, without worrying about breakage. It is made from durable, heat resistant food grade silicone . Its unique design features a silicone downstem and a high-quality inlaid glass bowl that can be removed in a second, which makes very easy to clean and maintain. The glass bowl preserves all the wonderful flavors that your herbs have to offer a lot better than any other material, so this bubbler provides you with the best of both worlds: optimal flavor in an unbreakable smoking device. Make sure to change the water in the bubbler regularly for a much tastier hit.The bubbler is equipped with a secret stash container that is hidden underneath the bowl, which enables you to bring along some concentrates or herbs on the go. Due to the non-stick silicone it is also perfect for stashing even the stickiest waxes. On the left side of the stem you will find a metal dab tool, which is great for picking up those sticky concentrates, but is also great for stirring or emptying your bowl after use. The carb hole is placed on the left side of the bowl.



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