Mini E-Nail

The G9 classic mini enail is a plug-and-play smart PID controller. It is for controlling the hot runner coli heater.
This controller is professionally built with XMT-7100 PID and tuned.
Mini enail will heat from room temperature to max 1300℉(Approx. 700℃)within 1 to 2 minutes with almost no temperature overshot.
Diameter 10mm coil is flat coil; while 16mm and 20cmm coil are barrel shape coils.
The coil is rated as 100W under 110VAC. The cable is 5 feet long with black Kevlar sleeve.
The universal nail is made of grade 2 titanium. It has 4 disassemble pieces, which can be configured into male nail or female nail.
There’s a USB port which can charge your electronics.
Kevlar coil heater is good for human skin, environmental protection.


Mini E-Nail


Mini enail kit includes:
G9 classic mini enail
5 feet coil heater, xlr plug
carb cap;
titanium nail
G9 6 feet power cable
gift box
User manual led screen


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